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Sacred Feminine: decrypting your female power

Feminine sacred woman yoga

Inside of each woman is an incredible force. The Sacred Feminine, or Divine Feminine, describes our connection to the mother goddess; this internal power gives us life, and calls us to her.

Often associated with kindness and compassion, the fire inside each one of us is much more than meets the eye! Discover the many facets of our feminine energy and its deeply sacred essence.

The essence of femininity

The Sacred Feminine is inherently tied to the gift of life, and the concept of a life-giving womb in harmony with mother earth and the rest of creation. This female essence (and its associated feminine qualities) is mainly found within women, but men can have it as well.

The feminine represents much more than the potential to give life. It is the energy of creation in its purest state! It extends far beyond simple “softness” – it is a powerful and intuitive internal force that is sometimes illustrated by the “wild woman.” “wild woman”.

The Sacred Masculine (which is often associated with strength, action, destruction, and rationality) and the Sacred Feminineare like yin and yang, two parts of a whole that live in harmony and complete each other. The universe is able to maintain balance with the help of these two poles, possessing equal and opposite power.

The menstrual cycle: a symbol of feminine power.

The female body and its reproductive organs are an incredible vessel for this divine power and creativity. The intricacies of the female body can be illustrated by the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle. The intricacies of the female body can be illustrated by the 4 phases of the menstrual cycle.

These phases represent the natural cycle of the seasons, which call back to our profound nature that is intrinsically tied to our Sacred Femininity.

Spring: birth of the new cycle

After the period days, the menstrual cycle starts again. Hope is reborn and the woman is full of freshness and new energy. This is the beginning of a rebirth, that of the new woman.

Summer: The Enjoyment of the Goddess

The ovulation phase corresponds to the symbol of fertility, to the mother who gives life, but also to the fertility of the fields in which food grows. This is the moment when our sacred feminine enjoys her overflow of love, creativity, action and energy!

Autumn: Introspective Wisdom

In some cases, this phase may be that of fertilization, so it is abundance since the woman is pregnant. Harvest time is approaching, just like autumn. The uterus is then like the center of the Universe, matrix of the thousand possible. It is also a time to prepare for the new cycle.

Our body then invites us to listen to our inner wisdom and follow all its movements: energetic, emotional and intuitive.

Winter: the rest of the warrior

When the unfertilized egg is released by the blood, it is time for rest and letting go. During this week of the month, women are more secretive, focused on what they experience internally. Intuition is more present and the connection with our sacred powers is at its peak.

Finding one's connection to the sacred feminine: meeting its inner beauty

To connect with one's feminine power is to fully assume the fact of being a woman, to be able to create, to feel, to hear, to breathe, to live and vibrate with this immense beauty. Remember that this sacred feminine is in each of us, it is your essence and your source!

Being aware of the power of your femininity allows you to flourish as a woman,but also as a physical and spiritual being. It is to accept your divine and eternal essence, like a powerful and serene goddess...

This inner encounter also involves a relationship to one's body gently and respectfully. Ms. L'Ovary is a team of dedicated young women and convinced that the power of the sacred feminine depends on happy and fulfilled menstruation! That's why we offer you menstrual products that are both respectful to your body and the environment.

Let's be proud, powerful and 100% women in our sacred feminine!