#Sangdechet, what is it?

With Operation #sangdéchet, we encourage municipalities to offer financial assistance to citizens who promote environmentally friendly alternatives such as sustainable feminine hygiene products.

Waste management has become a problematic issue for municipalities; the solution is to reduce at the source. Tampons and sanitary napkins are single-use items, similar to straws, utensils, and take-out containers.

Less waste is beneficial at all levels and everyone wins: the government pays the same money, but instead of paying the landfill, it directs the sums directly into the pockets of citizens.

Some numbers...

12,500 sanitary products

This is the average number of tampons and sanitary pads that a woman will use during her lifetime.

400 to 500 years

That’s how many years it will take for a sanitary pad to decompose in the environment (*for 3-4 hours of use).

Municipalities already committed


In Quebec, some municipalities are encouraging the purchase of reusable sanitary products through subsidies that reimburse up to 50% of the cost of sustainable and reusable hygiene products.

Their objective?

To provide financial incentives to citizens that will help reduce the amount of waste produced at the source.

Instead of paying around $125 to the landfill to bury 1 ton of waste, the municipality gives this amount directly to its citizens and ensures that single-use pollutants and the cost of burying them in their landfills are reduced.

Take action with us

1. Sign and share the petition.

2. Emphasize your support! Are you part of an association/organization that cares about the #sangdéchet movement? Contact us!

3. Make some noise! Talk about it: more signatures = more weight in front of the decision-makers*.

Mme L’Ovary worked with Incita, a 0-waste cooperative, to make a submission to the municipal consultations on the subject of waste reduction.

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