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How to use washable menstrual underwear

How to use washable menstrual underwear

You’ve probably already heard the buzz about Mme L’Ovary menstrual underwear: they’re designed to be practical, comfy, and totally eco-friendly (AKA zero waste!).

Whether you’ve only recently started getting your period or you’re looking for a more sustainable alternative to disposable pads, menstrual underwear is sure to do the trick.

Frequently asked questions about Mme L'Ovary's menstrual undies

Mme L’Ovary’s washable menstrual underwear offers tons of benefits:

Good for the environment: Disposable sanitary pads pollute the environment. And since the planet really needs our help right now, it’s important to make little efforts every day.

Save you $: Since the panties are made of high-quality cotton, they last for years, meaning you won’t need to spend money on pads or tampons every single month.

Practical and convenient: Washable menstrual undies are just as effective as super-absorbent pads, but they’re also light and comfortable. They’ll make your period a more comfortable experience and help you ride the highs and lows of your flow (even during heavy days).

Safe and non-toxic: Our menstrual undies are made of natural fibres, free from silver nano-particles and chemical products. They do not alter the vagina’s natural flora or cause infections.

In just a few days, you’ll have mastered the art of using and washing your eco-friendly Mme L’Ovary menstrual underwear and be wearing them with comfort and pride!

Browse the menstrual underwear styles  available in our shop.

We have a number of cuts available (bikini, low rise, high rise) in a large range of sizes (from XXS to 3XL). We also have a few different kits if you're looking for the whole package.

If this is your first time using our underwear, don’t stress – all you need to do is give them a test run during a lighter day to discover how absorbent and reliable your new menstrual underwear can be!

Mme L'Ovary's menstrual underwear are easily washable in the washing machine or by hand in a sink or basin. Before you wash, you’ll need to soak your underwear, removable pads, and carrying bag in cold water for 10 minutes. Then hold them under your tap and wring the blood out until the water runs clear.

You can wash your underwear in warm water with Mme L'Ovary's gentle laundry capsules.

Our menstrual underwear come in several daytime styles that protect you when your flow's heavy. You can also use your undies with other kinds of protection, like a menstrual cup.

Start by wearing your menstrual underwear on light and moderate days, then move to heavier flow days to see what they can really do. Both of our nighttime styles are designed for heavy flows and include a high-performance, leak-proof layer.

To find your size,  measure the circumference of your hips at their widest point. Then find your measurement on our sizing chart to discover your perfect fit.

Daytime menstrual underwear

1 pair of undies with thin, built-in protection + 3 removable pads suited for light, moderate, and heavy days!

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Nighttime menstrual underwear

No need to use a removable pad: these nighttime undies have an extra-long, high-absorbency built-in protection and a leak-proof layer, all of which get the job done while you drift off to dreamland.

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