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What Is the Best Reusable Menstrual Pad?

best washable sanitary pad

With reusable menstrual pads, say goodbye to the toxic waste of disposable products! They are easy to wash and can be inserted directly into your panties to make your life easier. Discover one of the best reusable sanitary pads in Canada: Mme L’Ovary.

Why switch to reusable menstrual pads?

If you haven’t yet experienced these little allies, you must be wondering what’s so special about them. Here are the 3 benefits of switching to washable pads:

1. Enjoy greater comfort

Say goodbye to itching, feelings of sweat, and unpleasant odours due to plastic! Washable pads made of breathable cotton, are gentle on the skin and much more comfortable!

In addition, you will quickly realize that the odours that you associate with your period are in fact related to the chemical components and plastic contained in sanitary pads. With cotton, it’s much more neutral and—above all—less noticeable!

2. 2. An economical option

A woman spends an average of $56, 40 per year on disposable products, which is the price of a set of panties 3 washable pads Mme L’Ovary, which can last for years. So you can treat yourself to products that are effective and comfortable, while saving money in the long run!

Switching to washable menstrual pads means investing in sustainable well-being.

3. A responsible choice

Did you know that more than 45 billion sanitary pads are thrown away around the world ? To say nothing of the decomposition time and the chemicals that they contain… By using reusable zero-waste pads, you considerably reduce your impact on the environment!

If this alternative speaks to you, discover the best washable sanitary pad that really meets the needs of today’s active women: the washable menstrual pad by Mme L’Ovary.

Washable pads combined with period panties: the perfect combo!

With their removable pads, Mme L’Ovary’s period panties have all the benefits of washable pads. Coupled with period panties, they avoid certain disadvantages:

  • The pad doesn’t move, since it is inserted into the panties themselves,
  • For menstrual cup users, there is no fear of leakage or prolonged wear! Period panties accompany you in addition to the cup.
  • Mme L’Ovary’s panties are black: they don’t stain and—besides that—they’re cute!

Proudly designed in Quebec and sewn in Colombia Madame L’Ovary offers feminine hygiene products designed to respect your body and the planet.


best washable sanitary pad

Mme L’Ovary offers a variety of menstrual panties and pads to accommodate every need! All our panties are available in a wide variety of sizes: you can choose from Shorty, Bikini, or Highty, in addition to options specially designed for nighttime: the Nighty!

Finally, for greater comfort, each pair of panties comes with a leak-proof bag to store the clean and used pads in total discretion.

If you want more than an individual format, you can choose between:

  • Our basic package : composed of 2 day models, and 1 night model,
  • The essential kit : with 3 daytime and 2 nighttime models,
  • Our complete kit: including 4 daytime and 3 nighttime models.

And to complement your new equipment, you can also outfit yourself with 100%-biodegradable washing capsules (even the packaging)!


If you too are convinced that the best washable sanitary pad must be reliable, sustainable, and comfortable, check out our guide to the reusable menstrual pad to learn more about its many benefits.

Are you already convinced? You can shop for Mme L’Ovary panties online and experience a cycle in harmony with your body and the planet.