Why this guide?

One of Mme L’Ovary’s greatest missions is to help you live your menstruation in a healthy way, self-sufficiently, while reducing our environmental impact.

This guide is another step we’re taking along the way.

Do I know how to do that?

YES, I DO. All you need is the desire to embark on an inspiring and rewarding project (plus a thread and a needle!).

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Treat yourself to the guide

What the guide can offer me…

  • The chance to try menstrual panties that you have made yourself and that will be useful to you for a long time!
  • It can even be a way to talk about the first menstruation with your teen!

We have also included vital information about the menstrual cycle.

The guide allows you to learn more about the menstrual cycle while having a taboo-free honest dialogue, while also creating a useful tool.

Le guide comprend :
  • Un guide PDF qui vous enseigne chacune des étapes de confection
  • Une vidéo tutoriel
  • Un certificat-cadeau d’une valeur de 15 $
Le guide ne demande :
  • Aucune expérience requise
  • Aucune machine à coudre requise

Tout ça dans un univers “Playful” & esthétique.

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